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Kit package comes in a re-usable cardboard box and storage pouch so you can take your show on the road. Classic and new gags. Only the best, none of the useless filler items you see elsewhere.
Guaranteed laughs! Great fun for any social gathering like parties, holidays, outings. and more.
Includes Mouse attack, one of the newest and best pranks around. Not found in many kits if any.



TASS The Master Prankster’s Gag Bag Series One Prank Kit

Get ready to unleash your inner prankster with TASS The Master Prankster’s Gag Bag Series One Prank Kit! This kit is like a treasure trove of laughter, packed with hilarious novelties, classic jokes, and the latest pranks that will leave your friends and family in stitches. It’s time to take your show on the road and become the ultimate master of mischief!

Unlike those other prank kits that are filled with useless filler items (we’re looking at you, whoopee cushions that never actually whoopee), TASS brings you only the best, most efficient pranks that guarantee belly-aching laughs. We’ve carefully curated this kit to ensure you have everything you need to pull off the most epic pranks, minus the disappointment of finding out your fake lottery ticket is just a lame piece of paper.

And speaking of epic pranks, we proudly present the Mouse Attack, one of the newest and most fantastic pranks around! Watch as your unsuspecting victims jump, scream, and dance like they’re auditioning for a ballet. This prank is so good, it’s practically legendary. Plus, we promise you won’t find it in many other prank kits. We like to keep things exclusive and hilariously unpredictable.

The TASS Prank Kit comes in a re-usable cardboard box and storage pouch, making it easy to take your prank show on the road. Whether you’re planning to prank your friends at parties, holidays, outings, or any social gathering, this kit has got your back. It’s your secret weapon for spreading laughter and creating unforgettable memories.

Now, we know you’re dying to know what’s included in this pranktastic kit. For a full list of items, check out the description and pictures. But rest assured, there are no substitute items or disappointments here. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a guaranteed fun-filled adventure of pranks and laughter.

So, grab your TASS The Master Prankster’s Gag Bag Series One Prank Kit and get ready to be the prankster extraordinaire that the world needs. Remember, laughter is the best revenge, and with this kit in your hands, revenge has never been so hilarious!