Soft Shell Mortar Launcher

$83.99 (as of February 23, 2020, 12:14 am)

★Bomb Range: About 30 Feet.
★Safety: The mortar bullets are a soft foam material.

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Bring your Nerf fights to a whole new level with the soft shell mortar launcher. Launch mortars across the battlefield that thankfully won’t hurt anyone, but will keep you entertained for hours of fun! Take your Nerf battle outside and deploy the Soft Shell Mortar Launcher for more of a tactical approach to your NERF battles. The launcher has a pretty impressive range with mortars being able to reach around 30 feet. The Soft Shell Mortar Launcher was modeled realistically and is an excellent option for CS games.

The Soft Shell Mortar Launcher is lightweight weighing in at around 3 pounds so it’s easily carried around the battlefield. The mortars are similar to other NERF bullets and constructed of a soft foam material so it’s safe for both adults and kids, The launcher comes with a transmitter, 3 bullets, and a pressure read cylinder. The NERF mortar launcher is a great choice to use alongside Nerf CS shooting tactics.



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