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Smelly Liquid Fart Spray

Unleash Laughter and Stink with the Smelly Liquid Fart Spray!

💨 A HILARIOUS GAG PRANK – Prepare to unleash uncontrollable laughter and uproarious reactions with the Forum Novelties Liquid Fart Spray. This prank spray is designed to create a stinky, smelly gas that will leave everyone in stitches. It’s the perfect way to prank your friends, family, or coworkers and bring a burst of laughter to any occasion.

💨 SMELLY STINK BOMB EFFECT – This prank spray is specially formulated to replicate the unmistakable odor of a stinky fart. Just a quick spray will release an aroma that will have everyone wondering what happened. Get ready for hilarious reactions as people try to escape the “invisible” gas cloud. It’s the ultimate gag gift for pranksters and jokesters!

💨 DEVELOPED BY NOTED SCIENTISTS…AFTER A HEARTY MEAL – Believe it or not, this Smelly Liquid Fart Spray was developed by four noted scientists who had just enjoyed a meal filled with chili and beans. They captured the essence of flatulence in a harmless and hilarious way, bringing joy and laughter to countless pranksters around the world.

💨 FUN FOR ALL OCCASIONS – Whether it’s a birthday party, a family gathering, or just a day of mischief, this fart spray is a surefire way to add some laughter and fun. It’s a great addition to prank kits, joke collections, or simply as a standalone gag gift. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and share a good laugh with friends and loved ones.

💨 TRUSTED QUALITY – With over 30 years of experience, Forum Novelties is a trusted brand that delivers high-quality costumes, accessories, and prank items. Their commitment to providing laughter and entertainment is evident in every product they offer. When it comes to prank supplies, Forum Novelties has it all, from spooky to hilarious.

Note: This Smelly Liquid Fart Spray is intended for ages 14 years and up. Please use responsibly and considerate of others’ sensitivities. Remember, it’s all in good fun!

Warning: Side effects may include uncontrollable laughter, tears of joy, and temporary embarrassment. Enjoy at your own risk!