Remote Controlled Fog Machine

Effective Fog Spray.
Easy to Use.
Durable Aluminum Body.

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The Remote Controlled Fog Machine is an awesome way to spice up any environment whether it’s a party, concert, or just for fun! Hide the fog machine, click the remote, and let the fun begin. This Remote Controlled Fog Machine will continually produce long lasting fog that is unscented and completely safe.

Theefun Fog Machine
Features with compact streamline body structure, this 400W Theefun Fog Machine can continually produce uniform, unscented and long lasting fog, ideal for enhancing lively atmosphere of live concerts, stages, parties, Pubs, balls and family entertainment gatherings. Just hide the machine in a place there it can not be seen and then click the remote to send out a blast of fog.
But do remember the following cautions before each use.

1.Always check whether there is enough fog fluid in the tank before each use to avoid danger.
2.Do not spray fog to people directly and get it far away from fire or other heat resources.

– Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz
– Power: 400W
– Tank Capacity: 300ml(0.079gal)
– Output: About 2000 cfm
– Fluid Consumption: 7.5 ml/min
– Warm up Time: 3-5 min
– Output Distance: 2-3 m
– Remote Length: 3m/9.8ft
– Dimension: 23 x 11 x 11.5 cm / 9.06 x 4.33 x 4.53 in (L*W* H)
– Weight: 4 lbs

Package Contents
1 x Fog Machine
1 x Remote Console
1 x Handle
2 x Screw
2 x Gasket
1 x User Manual

Effective Fog Spray: Produce uniform, unscented fog very fast after a few minutes warming up with an output of 2000 CFM((cubic feet per minute) or so and 2-3 m distance
Easy to Use: With a wired push button remote, built in power cord and the visible fluid level, you can always have direct control of your fog machine
Durable Aluminum Body: Aluminum body with nice heat dissipation ability, ensures durability and long lifespan
Energy Saving and Non-toxic: Add professional fog fluid into the tank, then it can produce non-toxic fog continually via pressing the red button on wired console when you need.
Widely Used: Perfect for enhancing atmosphere of Halloween, live concerts, stages, festivals, wedding ceremonies or family entertainment gatherings. Indoor use only.

Theefun 400-Watt Portable Christmas and Party Fog Machine with Wired Remote Control for Holidays, Weddings – Impressive Output


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