PyroPet Cat Candle with Skeleton Inside Price: $39.00 (as of 10/01/2023 14:37 PST- Details)



PyroPet Cat Candle with Skeleton Inside

Unleash the Mysterious PyroPet Cat Candle: A Bewitching Delight for Cat Lovers!

🕯️ A CUTE CAT WITH A TWIST – This adorable cat-shaped candle may seem innocent at first, but as it burns, a secret awaits. Inside the wax exterior lies a grinning metallic skeleton with fire blazing in its eyes. Prepare to be captivated by the unique transformation of this original candle.

🕯️ AWARD-WINNING DESIGN – Experience the marvel of Icelandic design with this PyroPet Cat Candle. Its sharp details and smooth surfaces make it a visually stunning piece even before, during, and after burning. Display it proudly as a conversation starter and a work of art.

🕯️ HIGH-QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP – Handmade with meticulous care, this candle is crafted from 100% quality paraffin wax and features a 100% lead-free cotton wick. The aluminum skeleton inside adds a touch of metallic intrigue. With dimensions of 6.7 x 2.9 x 4.5 inches (17 x 7.5 x 11.5 cm), it stands tall at 7 inches.

🕯️ LONG-LASTING BURN TIME – Enjoy the mesmerizing glow of this cat candle for approximately 20 to 25 hours. Let its enchanting presence fill your space with warmth and intrigue, making it an ideal addition to your Halloween or Christmas decor. It’s also a purr-fect gift for cat lovers and those who appreciate unique, eye-catching gifts.

🕯️ ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING – We care about the environment as much as you do. That’s why this PyroPet Cat Candle comes in eco-friendly packaging. The recyclable and biodegradable kraft paper box reflects our commitment to sustainability. Even the packing peanuts are made from plant-based starch, which is USDA approved, biodegradable, and water-soluble. Dispose of them responsibly by composting or simply washing them away.

🕯️ MEETS SAFETY STANDARDS – Rest assured, Kisa, the PyroPet Cat Candle, is certified to meet US and EU candle safety standards. Your peace of mind is our priority, allowing you to enjoy the enchantment of this whimsical candle with confidence.

Illuminate your space with the PyroPet Cat Candle and witness the captivating transformation from cute feline to intriguing skeleton. A mesmerizing gift for cat lovers, Halloween enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the extraordinary. Get yours today and add a touch of mystery to your surroundings!