Poo Emoji Toilet Plunger

$19.99 (as of February 26, 2020, 12:51 am)

Made with 100% rubber and a 2-step suction cup fits securely in all different types and sizes of toilet drain openings
Heavy duty plastic handle that wont snap or break
Super pliable and durable rubber cup creates an ultra tight seal around the drain from all angles for commercial or residential use

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The Poo Emoji Toilet Plunger is the right way to take care of a clogged drain. Sometimes it takes poo to unclog poo! Not only is the Poo Emoji Toilet Plunger stylish and fun, but its completely functional. Constructed of 100% heavy duty rubber with a two step suction cup that is perfect for clearing all types of toilet drains. The handle is a heavy duty plastic so no need to worry that it might break while in the middle of doing your duty. This is one of the few plungers in the world that you will not have to hide when guests come over because everyone loves the Poo Emoji Toilet Plunger! The Poo Emoji has great details including a beautiful white smile sure to make everyone who comes in contact with him leave the bathroom happy.The Poo Emoji Toilet Plunger is a great gift for anyone that poops!


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