Military Combat Mug

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The Military Combat Mug is exactly what every soldier needs whether deployed or not! No handle is included so you can install your favorite choice of firearm accessories. One of the coolest mugs on the market and a must have for military veterans! 

Battle Mug introduced the 16-oz (473 mls) Combat Cup in 2012 as a smaller companion to our original Battle Mug for those who didn’t need the 26-ounce (769 mls) capacity of our original Battle Mug. The Combat Cup with M1913 Picatinny Rail System is also manufactured in the same high tech CNC facility, being precision machined from 6 pounds of solid billet aluminum into an American Made work of art. A series of processes from CNC Sawing, Multi-Axis Turning, Five-Axis Milling, skilled hand worked craftsmanship, and mil-spec Type III hard anodizing creates ultimate compact tactical drinking device.

The Combat Cup can be personalized with laser engraving and by adding standard or custom insignia.

Our craftsmanship will provide a lifetime of memories whether you’re in the trenches or at the kitchen table.

All Battle Mug Products are 100% MADE IN AMERICA!

Combat Cup does not include a handle. Why? We leave it up to you get creative and install your favorite firearm accessories as a handle.


Battle Mug Combat Cup,Black CC001


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