Laughing Smith Prank Shock Pen Price: $5.99 (as of 03/13/2021 12:16 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

STUN YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY WITH THIS HILARIOUS SHOCK PEN – This funny shock pen by Laughing Smith lets you trick your victims by delivering an electric shock when they go to use it!! Watch them scream in shock as they pick up your realistic looking pen and receive a serious jolt!
ZAP THOSE SERIAL PEN THIEFS! – Get the ultimate revenge on the person that always borrows your pen and never returns it! Your unsuspecting pen thief will get a real shock when they click the top button of the pen and get zapped. Batteries included for endless belly laughs!
AN ‘ELECTRIFYING’ GAG GIFT FOR EVERYONE – This hilarious shocking pen makes the ultimate gag gift for anyone that has a great sense of humor. Perfect if you’re looking for shock toys like the shocker laser pointer or gag gifts, a shock game and prank stuff.



Laughing Smith Prank Shock Pen

Introducing the Laughing Smith Prank Shock Pen!

😂 Hilarious Shocking Pen – With the Laughing Smith Shock Pen, you can stun your friends and family with this hilarious prank. Trick your victims by offering them a realistic-looking pen that delivers an electric shock when they go to use it. Watch their genuine shock and hear them scream as they pick up the pen and receive a surprising jolt!

⚡ Zap Those Serial Pen Thieves – Tired of people borrowing your pen and never returning it? Seek revenge with the ultimate prank! When the pen thief clicks the top button of the pen, they’ll get a real shock. Batteries are included, ensuring endless belly laughs and unforgettable reactions.

😁 Electrifying Gag Gift – This shocking pen makes a fantastic gag gift for anyone with a great sense of humor. Whether you’re looking for shock toys, gag gifts, or prank stuff, this shock pen is perfect. It’s a guaranteed hit at parties and gatherings.

🔌 How to Shock Your Victims – Simply wait until your victim needs a pen. With a straight face, offer them your realistic-looking pen and watch their hilarious reaction as they click the top to start writing, only to get an electric shock. The element of surprise is sure to create memories that will last forever.

🎉 Boutique Jokes & Pranks by Laughing Smith – We’ve designed this shock pen to look and feel like the real deal, delivering the most convincing shock pranks available. Laughing Smith is dedicated to creating memorable and fun experiences. Please note that this product is not intended for children or adults with heart conditions.

Get ready to unleash laughter and surprises with the Laughing Smith Prank Shock Pen. It’s the perfect tool for harmless pranks and unforgettable moments!