Hidden Meowing Cat Prank

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IMPROVED design (28 Oct 2019) with higher quality, adhesive back and stronger batteries
REALISTIC: 2 different cat sounds: regular and urgent
SINISTER: Sound plays at irregular intervals, about 15-20 minutes apart so it is hard to locate



Hidden Meowing Cat Prank

Introducing the Meow Hear This: Hidden Meowing Cat Prank by FUN delivery!

😺 Realistic and Sinister Prank – Get ready to prank your friends, family, and coworkers with this hidden meowing cat prank. The improved design features high-quality construction, an adhesive back for easy placement, and stronger batteries for extended use. This prank is sure to create hilarious and memorable moments!

😺 Multiple Cat Sounds – This prank device features two different cat sounds: regular meowing and urgent meowing. The realistic cat sounds add an extra level of authenticity to fool unsuspecting victims.

😺 Irregular Intervals – The sound plays at irregular intervals, typically about 15-20 minutes apart. This unpredictability makes it challenging to locate the source of the meowing, adding to the prank’s effectiveness and hilarity.

😺 Long Battery Life – The included batteries are designed to last for three to four days, ensuring you have plenty of time to prank and enjoy the reactions of those around you. Simply activate the prank and let it work its magic!

😺 More Prank Sounds Available – FUN delivery offers a range of other prank sounds to keep the laughter going. Check out our Frickin’ Cricket (cricket sound), Bleepin’ Battery (smoke detector sound), Yeww Farted (fart sound), and Annoise (record your own sound) prank devices.

Please remember to use this prank responsibly and consider the comfort and well-being of those around you. Pranks should be lighthearted and fun, bringing joy and laughter to everyone involved.

Get ready to unleash the hidden meowing cat prank and create hilarious moments with the Meow Hear This by FUN delivery!