Halloween Gummy Boogers



Halloween Gummy Boogers

Get ready for some spooky and slimy snacking with our Halloween Theater Box of Gummy Boogers! This party pack of 6 boxes is perfect for Halloween gatherings and trick-or-treating adventures. Here’s what makes our gummy boogers a delightfully creepy treat:

👻 Halloween-Themed Fun: Each theater box is filled with 3.25 ounces of gummy boogers, specially designed to give you a frightfully fun snacking experience. Perfect for Halloween parties, movie nights, or as a spooky surprise for your trick-or-treaters.

🤢 Grossly Realistic: These gummy boogers are crafted to resemble the icky and gooey texture of real boogers, adding a touch of gross-out humor to your Halloween festivities. They come in various colors and shapes, making each bite a surprise!

🎃 Party Pack of 6: With this party pack, you’ll receive six theater boxes filled with gummy boogers, ensuring that there’s enough slimy goodness to share with friends, family, and fellow Halloween enthusiasts. It’s the perfect addition to your Halloween candy selection.

🍬 Delicious and Chewy: Despite their slimy appearance, our gummy boogers are irresistibly delicious and chewy. Each bite offers a burst of fruity flavors that will satisfy your Halloween candy cravings.

👍 Fun and Safe: Our gummy boogers are made with high-quality ingredients and are free from common allergens, ensuring a safe snacking experience for everyone. They are also individually packaged, making them convenient to enjoy on the go or share as party favors.

Add a touch of gross and ghoulish fun to your Halloween celebrations with our Halloween Theater Box of Gummy Boogers. It’s a playful and tasty treat that will leave everyone with a smile (or maybe even a shiver) on their faces!