Funny Dentist Coffee Mug

Funny Dentist Coffee Mug

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I Pull Out Teeth Cup

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Sm-ooze your Dentist by getting him a Funny Dentist Coffee Mug that is sure to make him smile. The Funny Dentist Coffee Mug is a great way to tell your Teeth doctor to please be gentle! Let’s face it Dentist get a great deal of satisfaction from pulling out teeth so get him the mug that let’s the world know what he or she does for a living. The Funny Dentist Coffee Mug comes in multiple colors so get the one that fits best for your Dentist. This is one of the best Dentist gifts that will surely earn you some brownie points from your Dentist and hopefully less pain on your next visit! The I pull teeth out mug is a high quality Dentist coffee cup that will most likely outlast your teeth!


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