Find Real Money Inside Soap

Earn a US starting at $1 and up to $50!
Great Incentive To Get Kids To Bath

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Find Real Money Inside Soap, Like Playing the Lottery Only Cleaner! Each bar of soap includes real money deep inside as an incentive for bathing and staying clean. Within each bar of soap you have the chance to find either $1, $5, $10, $20, or even a $50 bill. It’s like playing the lottery except you get a high quality, scented, translucent bar of soap to clean yourself just by playing the game! Works as a great incentive to get your kids or husband to clean up after themselves on a more regular basis.

This isn’t a joke either!! You really will find Real Money Inside Soap! It might be as good as a savings account. Its nice knowing in a couple of weeks you’ll have something. Worst case you get a dollar and buy some Ramen noodles while staying clean for quite awhile. Or maybe you’ll get lucky! Find Real Money Inside Soap just by washing your hands daily.


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