Eberbart Wooden Beard Comb

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Eberbart Wooden Beard Comb is anti-static.

Perfect as a gift or for yourself.

Fits easily into your back pocket.

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Eberbart – the German term that means “boar-beard,” pronounced just as you would imagine, and befitting of any beard-grower: tough, manly, and bold. The Eberbart Wooden Beard Comb is made out of sturdy natural wood which provides a comfortable grip for even the hands of a giant and is a heavy duty alternative to flimsy plastic combs. This Eberbart Wooden Beard Comb is anti-static which means your unruly mane won’t get electrically charged while combing. No one wants to shock their Jane if she gets too close, let’s face it- with that beard you’re bound to attract attention.

Eberbart Wooden Beard Comb

The dual sides cater to your preferences for a custom brushing experience- for both thin and thick hair types. Can also be used as a normal men’s hair brush.

One benefit of using a wooden comb is that the surface can absorb excess sebum from skin and transport this natural oil to the hair tips- a version of truly natural hair care.

This even distribution of hair oil makes beards more supple, soft, and tamed. Add beard oil if you think it’s necessary.

This premium grooming tool is the ideal size to fit in your back pocket and take with you anywhere. The matching vegan-friendly, faux-leather case provides a protective sleeve for the comb’s teeth and a stylish way to show off your manly grooming tool.

No matter where life takes you, grab your Eberbart Wooden Beard Comb before you leave and you’re bound to look dashing by having a perfectly shaped beard in any situation.

Be distinct Order one of every color/wood type! Perfect as a gift for birthday bros, modish groomsmen, a husband/boyfriend’s anniversary gift, and even Father’s Day. Comes packaged in a beautiful black box with metallic lettering (see photo for reference) so there’s hardly a need to gift wrap!

➽LOOK BETTER THAN YOUR FRIENDS- Available in High Quality Solid Sandal Wood or Pearwood With a Distinctive Vegan-Friendly, Leatherette Case- So You Can Always be Ready to Impress the Ladies ➽ANTISTATIC TECHNOLOGY- Ideal for Everyday Beard Care – Untangles and Tames Beard Hair without Electrically Charging during Combing, also Anti-Snag. Distinct Sandalwood scent included ➽MANSSENTIAL – A “Man Essential” and Suitable for Every Facial Hair Type – be it a Mustache, Goatee, City-Slicker Sleek Beard or Full Mountain Man Whiskers ➽KEEP ONE EVERYWHERE- Fits into a Back Pocket for Convenience and Portability (size 4 x 2.4 inches) Leave One in Your Car, House, and Office ➽EASY CARE & LONG LASTING – Just use Mild Soap and Rinse with Warm Water Every few Weeks and Allow the Eberbart Beard Comb to Dry in an Open, Airy Space to have a Long Lasting & Durable Wooden Beard Combs


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