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Blindfolded, poop-dodging fun!
Step in the fewest poops to win.

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Walk blindfolded across a mat where piles of poop are located! But Don’t Step In It or you’ll find yourself losing the game from too much poop on your feet! The Don’t Step In It board game should have been called the “Don’t Step In Poop Game”! You start the game blindfolded then spin the spinner to learn how many steps you have to take. You then walk however many steps you spun across a mat where piles of poop are located. Players have opportunities to add poop, remove poop, and sometimes re-arrange the piles of turds around the game mat. The goal is to step in the least amount of poop piles to win the game! The Don’t Step In Poop Game can be played solo or with a group for even more fun!

The Don’t Step In It game was released by Hasbro Gaming, one of the leaders in gaming. Its a great game that you will want to play over and over again. The game includes the mat, a blindfold, spinner, four cans of poop compound, a plastic poop mold, and game rules. Kids and adults will find this game extremely fun and entertaining.


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