Dog Paw Cleaner

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dog paw washer
paw wash

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Welcome to the Paw Wash, inventors of the world’s first and most ingenious Dog Paw Cleaner on the market today. Since 2002, thousands of Paw Washes have been sold to pet owners all over the world and helped dog owners power wash their dog’s paws no matter how muddy, sandy, or nasty they have become by going in and outdoors. The Paw Wash uses superior, elegant, and advanced science to get your dog’s paws cleaner than any other “me too” paw cleaning product on the market today. Some products use bristles, brushes, or other scrubbing techniques to score the paw pads and strip the fur as it’s treated to remove dirt. Paw Wash delivers by using natural bursts of water supported by the Paw Wash’s patented shape and the powerful fluid dynamics it creates with very little effort. Add the soft rubber squeegee and an optional drying mitt to remove the majority of the moisture as the paw exits the Dog Paw Cleaner and you have a power-cleaned paw ready to return to the house. A clean paw equals a clean house.
dog paw washer
paw wash

Paw Wash and Microfiber Mitt


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