DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit Prank Box Price: $16.99 (as of 03/13/2021 12:16 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

LIFE IS SHORT – HAVE FUN! Look, you’re gonna spill a few drinks on your way to getting BLOTTO. So instead of disappointing yourself with drunk card games that get ruined, we made YOU a deck of 100% Waterproof Drinking Cards. And instead of boring you into needing an expansion pack – we just put 144 of our most hilarious cards into one adult game. So if you’re over 21+ let’s get BLOTTO!
THE ONLY INTERACTIVE CARD GAME! Other drinking card games have you lick on another players finger, (gross) or take a shower full clothed (weird and why?)
COMES WITH A FREE GAG BOX!: The prank box is 11.25” tall, 9.5” wide and 4” deep so you can pop the real gifts inside. Maybe a gift card, or, put the BLOTTO drinking game cards in there as a fun gift, why not?



DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit Prank Box

Introducing the DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit Prank Box!

😄 Life is Short – Have Fun! – We believe in adding laughter and amusement to your life. With our DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit Prank Box, you can surprise your friends or family with a hilarious prank. This prank gift box is perfect for adults or kids who enjoy a good laugh.

📦 Comes with a Free Gag Box – The prank box is designed to look like a DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit. You can pop the real gifts inside, whether it’s a gift card or something else. You can even include our BLOTTO drinking game cards as a fun and entertaining gift option.

💯 100% Fun Guaranteed – This prank joke gift box is meant for jokesters, pranksters, and people with a great sense of humor. It’s all in good fun! Additionally, our BLOTTO drinking game brings interactive entertainment to the table, ensuring endless fun without getting bored.

🎉 Bring Fun & Hilarity to Your Next Party – Get ready to liven up your parties with BLOTTO, the ultimate drinking game! Grab your favorite beverages, whether it’s beer, wine, or loaded shot glasses, and enjoy a pregame filled with laughter and memorable moments. BLOTTO is designed to be inclusive, so even your friends who prefer water or juice can join in on the fun.

🃏 The Only Interactive Card Game – Unlike other drinking card games, BLOTTO takes interactive fun to the next level. Say goodbye to gross or weird challenges and hello to a game that keeps everyone engaged and entertained. You won’t find yourself bored with this game, as it guarantees hours of enjoyment.

Add a touch of humor and excitement to any occasion with the DIY at Home Vasectomy Kit Prank Box and the BLOTTO drinking game. It’s time to embrace the joy of laughter and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones!