Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft Price: $42.61 $39.99 (as of 05/08/2020 22:58 PST- Details)

Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft.

Flexible clear bottom viewing window.

Convenient pull rope.

Safety handles/Oar locks.

Two air valves for mouth, hand pump, and electric pump inflation.

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Unlike other snorkeling rafts, the AQUAVUE Voyager Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft gives the user a large unobstructed view of the underwater world. Rather than a small porthole-like window, the Voyager features a huge flexible clear bottom that gives the sensation of walking on water. A truly unique experience that kids will love!

Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft

Inflated Dimensions (LxWxH): 62″ x 40″ x 12″ Capacity: 185lbs
Flexible clear bottom viewing window
Convenient pull rope
Safety handles/Oar locks
Two air valves for mouth, hand pump, and electric pump inflation
Quick air-release valve for quick and easy deflation and storage


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