Cell Phone Camera Lens

Kit comes as the ultimate gift, in a luxury protective carrying bag, all lenses and bag are waterproof, special clip to attach your body for maximum comfort and a special e-book made just for you to get the maximum out of your new lenses.
This super fisheye camera lenses have recently been called the #1 cellphone lens kit on the marke
It’s made of professional-grade optical glass and tough aluminum that lasts forever.

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Finally you can be a professional photographer without hauling around tons of a gear. In fact all you need is your cell phone and the Cell Phone Camera Lens kit. The Cell Phone Camera Lens kit includes three different lens including the Fish-eye lens, macro lens, and a wide angle lens. The fisheye lens gives your pictures a round, fish bowl effect. The macro lens is the perfect lens for closeups and will give you a close look of the world around you. The wide angle lens is ideal for landscape pictures so you can have more of a view in each shot.

The Cell Phone Camera Lens lets you choose your color either gold, silver, red, blue, or pink. It’s compatible with all smart phones including iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. The entire kit is waterproof including the carrying case and all three lenses. It’s very simple to setup, just clip the lens to your smartphone and start snapping professional grade pictures. The Cell Phone Camera Lens is a great gift for anyone with a phone, tablet, or laptop.


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