Beer Faucet Magic Trick

$29.97 (as of September 16, 2019, 3:23 pm)

This magic tap fountain set comes with a magic faucet and a magic beer mug that will give the illusion of tapping an endless keg of your favorite brew like magic! Magically pour liquid from a levitating faucet with no apparent source!

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Start using magic as the reason you drink! Show others your amazing magician skills with the Beer Faucet Magic Trick. It’s an easy to use magic trick that will blow minds! Basically you pour your drink of choice into the magic mug, plug the faucet in, and be amazed with the illusion of it pouring into the mug. Prepare to amaze people when the faucet pours your drink from a tap with no source! Everything you need to complete the Beer Faucet Magic Trick is included with this kit so you’ll be practicing magic shortly after receiving it. It’s a great addition to anyone’s arsenal of magic tricks and/or drink products.

The Beer Faucet Magic Trick includes a huge 11 inch mug that will fill you up nicely after every magic show. Show off to your friends, family, or even strangers and get ready for them to be amazed at your magic skills! It’s so easy anyone can do it!


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